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Avoid Foreclosure in Illinois

From Aurora to Zion, homeowners are opening default and foreclosure notices sent by their mortgage companies. Is this your situation? Foreclosure help is available in Chicago, Aurora, Joliet, Rockford, Naperville and all across the state of Illinois from the consumer advocates of the Home Defense Lawyer of Korte & Wortman, P.A. Many homeowners feel it is too late to do anything about their current situation and the only option left is to wait for the bank to come and kick them out of their home. This couldn't be further from the truth. You can avoid foreclosure. Our firm has been protecting homeowners from this and other related situation for over 10 years. Talk to one of our case managers today to see what options you have.

The truth is many homeowners have fallen upon true hardships. Perhaps you've lost your job, or maybe you have just had a hard time making your full mortgage payment. We see this all across the state of Illinois and it has been widely recognized by the government, analysts, mortgage holders, and consumer advocates. Our firm is here to help you find a solution.

There may still be time to save your home!

It is true that you have a limited amount of time to respond to a foreclosure notice, however experienced real estate attorneys know how to quickly respond and help keep homeowners safe in their homes. the Home Defense Lawyer is staffed with experienced real estate attorneys that know the Illinois Foreclosure Laws. We've worked with homeowners across the state who were struggling to make their payments, or were in the middle of a full blown foreclosure. Our team is trained in foreclosure defense litigation, mortgage loan modification, short sales, Deed-in-Lieu of foreclosure and the Obama programs of HAMP and HAFA.

Call us at 877-508-0491 for a FREE personalized consultation of your situation. We will provide you with an honest assessment of your situation and possible ways to remedy it. Speak with experienced professional who will guide you through the difficult process of dealing with your mortgage company.

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